Rocky the rhino is the King of the jungle and the leader of a herd that is side kicked by mowgli he first appeared standing on a cliff when mowgli came up to him while running away from two mammoths (who are modelled after manny and baby peaches the baby sister one is in love with mowgli) rocky says that this is not something today it's just something else tomorrow mowgli says that he'd not rather not be today (okay) the big brother mammoth (voiced by frank welker) tells rocky that he's gonna break mowgli's neck so he won't feel a thing (how's that) rocky interrupts and says that he thought mammoths were vegetarians Mowgli describes what rocky said as an excellent point and throws a rock at a sinkhole the two mammoths bellow get them and charge at rocky who manages to catch the big one on his huge horn and flings him away mowgli hugs rocky and both of them slide down the cliff mowgli tells rocky that both of them make a great team and says bagheera had to take him to the place before the wolves adopted him rocky advises that man cubs are always living in village and introduces himself mowgli introduces himself too and both of them head south for mowgli's best journey back to the man village ever