Grey Brother

Place of Origin:The Seeonee Hills
Death: Unknown
Appears in: Mowgli's Brothers,Tiger! Tiger!,Letting In the Jungle,Red Dog,The Spring Running,In the Rukh

Grey Brother, also spelled Gray Brother, was the oldest of Father Wolf and Raksha's four cubs and their de facto leader, he and his brothers grew up with the adopted "man-cub" Mowgli and often hunted and fought alongside him.

It was Grey Brother who killed Tabaqui, stampeded the buffalo to trample Shere Khan with the aide of Akela, and in the fight with the dhole he was in the forefront of battle defending Mowgli.

He could sometimes be impulsive - he once suggested that he and his brothers should kill the evil hunter Buldeo as an offering to Mowgli, which caused the man-cub to react furiously - but his love and loyalty to Mowgli were never in question.


Adventures of Mowgli

Mowgli now Grown Up as a Young Wolves cubs

The Jungle Book

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