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Disney's The Jungle Book (TV Animated Series) is an american television series of Walt Disney Television.

A animation spin-off TV serie of Disney's The Jungle Book (1967).

Episodes (1990-1992/1994-1996)

  • nine segments of:
      1. Disney's The Jungle Book
      2. He's Bonkers D. Bobcat
      3. Totally Tastless Video
      4. Marsupilami
      5. Sebastian The crab
      6. Goofy
      7. Shnookums & Meat
      8. Pith Possum: Super Dynamic Possum Of Tomorrow
      9. Tex Tinster: The Best Of The West

Premise Edit

Mowgli has become a jungle boy in this serie, Short stories with the Disney version of the characters: Baloo, Bagheera, Hathi, Prince Louie, Kaa and Shere Khan from Walt Disney's animated movie (1967): The Jungle Book.

A serie of characters of Baloo, Bagheera, Prince Louie, Shere Khan and other more.

Voice cast, characters and crew Edit

Main and Major characters Edit

crew Edit

  • Produced and Directed by: The Walt Disney Television Animation.
  • Songs:
    • "The Bare Necessities" - performed by Lou Rawls.
  • Segment Sequences:
    • "Born To Be Wild" - writted by Stephan James Taylor.
    • "He's Bonkers D. Bobcat in: Petal to the Metal" - writted by Stephan James Taylor.
    • "Monkey Business" - writted by Stephan James Taylor.
  • Music by: Stephan James Taylor.

c 1990-1992/1994-1996 Disney Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Languages Edit

The 5 differnet languages for animated television series: "Disney's The Jungle Book":

See also Edit

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