"Colonel Hathi's March" is a military like song featured in The Jungle Book and sung by Colonel Hathi and The Jungle Patrol. It is the first one in the film and was written by The Sherman Brothers. A reprise of it is heard in the middle of the film when Colonel Hathi makes his second appearance. It was also featured in The Jungle Book 2.

This song was included on the VHS, Disney Sing Along Songs: You Can Fly!

Lyrics Edit

(First Lyrics)

All: Hup two three four

Keep it up, two three four

Hup two three four Keep it up, two three four

Hathi: Company, sound off!

All: Oh, the aim of our patrol

Slob Elephant: Is a question rather droll

All: For to march and drill

Over field and hill [all trumpet]

Hathi: Is a military goal

All: Is a military goal

Hup two three four

Dress it up, two three four

By the ranks or single file

Over ev'ry jungle mile

Oh, we stamp and crush

Through the underbrush

Hathi, Jr.: [trumpet]

In a military style

All: In a military style

Hathi: Hup two three four

Keep it up, two three four

(Reprise Lyrics)

All: Oh we march from here to there

Slob Elephant: And it doesn't matter where

All: You can hear us push through the deepest bush

Hup two three four

Hathi: With a military air

All: With a military air [trumpet]

We're a cracker jack brigade

On a pachyderm parade

But we'd rather stroll to a waterhole

Hathi, Jr.: Hup two three four

All: For a furlough in the shade

Gallery Edit

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