John Charles Dollman - Mowgli made leader of the Bandar Log

The Bandar-Log, or Monkey People, are a group of monkeys that do not follow the Law of the Jungle, have no leader, and are considered outcasts of the Jungle and they only fear the python Kaa.

In the BookEdit

The Bandar Log only appear in the book Kaa's Hunting. It was revealed that Mowgli had been playing the Bandar Log and was told not to by Bagheera and Baloo. However, shortly afterwards, Mowgli is abducted by the Bandar Log. The Bandar Log then take their prisoner to their hideout, the Cold Lairs. After a long battle with Bagheera and Baloo, they are hypnotized and defeated by Kaa.

Other AppearancesEdit

  • The Bandar Log appeared in the 1967 Disney adaptation of the book, but are far less sinister; plus they have a new leader called King Louie. They return in the 2003 sequel, where they have turned the Cold Lairs into a nightclub with Baloo's help. They also appeared in the spinoff series TaleSpin, where they serve as employees of a nightclub called Louie's Place, run by Louie himself.
  • The Bandar Log appeared in the 1994 live-action adaptation, where they are still less sinister, as they rule a temple under King Louie, who summons Kaa to kill intruders trying to steal the temple's treasure.
  • They appeared in the 2016 live-action adaptation, where they are shown to be sinister similar to their leader King Louie, as they want to use the power of the "Red Flower" (or fire) so that King Louie will become as powerful as Man. To that point, they kidnap Mowgli in order for Louie to goad him into giving out the secret of the Red Flower. However, Mowgli escapes and tricks Louie into crumbling down the temple, and the Bandar Log is last seen trying to remove the rubble to save their leader.